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Žažumbris (2)

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Žažumbris is one of the stations in the narrow gauge railway line Panevėžys - Rubikiai. Near the road some time ago there used to be a village. Now picturesque valleys of Anykšta, which is reffered to as Lithuanian Switzerland, and woodlands attract tourists. In 2002, a huge tree was accidentally found there. It was a 300 year old oak od Žažumbris. At the present, a forest ground is arranged for recreational purposes. Having arrived therem you can admire the landscapes of the picturesque Anykšta hydrographical reservation, the old oak, slopes of Anykšta, deep springs, railway bridges, sparkling waters of the river and colours of forests. People remember that after World war I, teams of siaurukas had been armed with guns. The area was remote, thus very suitable for robberies.
Our clients found this place perfect for personal celebrations; companies offer such an attraction for its partners or collegues, pupils like to end school year there. You can also have a great time there on any occasion, order meals, music and even "Train robbery" for your trip on siaurukas.



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