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Mardi Gras train

uzgavenesLast Saturday there was a fun and strange event at the platform of Panevėžys narrow gauge train station: lots of masks, Gypsies, Hungarians, Jews, Hempers, Lardies and other dressed up everywhere. Just like a fat rustic sausage packed out train departed to Rekstinas forest to send out winter. We met a lot of dressed ups even from Vilnius, Pasvalys, Biržai, Šiauliai, Druskininkai and other places. That’s why we didn’t afford to seat all who wished to travel, even though all the 12 carriages where lined in a train. That special passenger — Lent — was put into an open carriage, that everybody can see him driven away from Panevėžys — the capital of Aukštaitija region. Soon a narrow train reached a square in Rekstinas forest. The passengers of narrow gauge train were met by the feast hostesses — Malpa and DJ Kiaulės koja. Among the passengers there were few emigrants from Panevėžys, who remember national artlovers’community "Pynimėlis" since their young days. Art lovers as usually taught the passengers old national dances and games. All the time people were dancing, stamping, enjoying themselves and tasting the cuisine heritage: stew, fat pancakes, soup and beer. Malpa had presented old Mardi Gras traditions, we enjoyed in shoe throwing and rope pulling competition, and wechosethe most impressivemasks. During the festival, 200 years old virgin bride married the 18 years old groom, and the pastor appeared to be "blessed" with white snow. From the forest thicket Appeared Žažumbris dragons, appeared from the forest thicket, drove the winter out with fun musical instruments, songs and traditional "winter, winter, go away". Finally, Malpa, through surgeon Dragonfly assistance, sterilized Lent and instructed to heave him on fire flames. When waving goodbye we saw our passengers off at Panevėžys train station, we have noticed a smiling member of parliament Antanas Matulas from Pasvalys bearing one of Lent’s onion.




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