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St John's train 2014

Merrily rolling train dived into the Rekstinas forest, which was full of midsummer mystery. The feast of St John!

Ethnologist Lina Vilienė graciously invited us to spread tablecloths and open hampers — white cheese, white wholemeal bread, pork flitch and a quart of beer with white foam quickly joined the festival participants. Acquainted with festival rites and their meaning, the girls wove the most colourful wreaths, then tried to throw it on the kupolė (an artificial tree that is built for the feast of St John), and it is believed they will see matchmakers.

We made bonfires, greeted and swirled all Janes and Johns, voted for the most beautiful wreath, set the hob on fire and even the fern flower was found!

Spruced with fragrant wreaths and full of good energy, picnic participants went back to sweet home wishing everyone beautiful summer.

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