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6th July, 2014. The commemoration of a Statehood Day. The trip along King Mindaugas' road.

On a sunny morning of the sixth of July, the hikers dressed in national colours of clothing and symbols, gathered in Panevėžys narrow gauge railway station. The cheerful mood train of 8 carriages quickly arrived to Anykščiai town and everybody "saddled up their horses of steel" and rapidly reached the town center, where they all participated in the flag raising ceremony. On the mound of Šeimyniškėliai, the hike participants were greeted by medieval Lithuanian soldiers, guarding the Voruta castle, and the Queen Martha with horsemen escort.

The dialogue of White and Black chronicler (from J. Marcinkevičius' drama "Mindaugas"), the folk music band "Abelelėlas" sang folk glees, and King Mindaugas' hussars battalion soldiers gave the meaning of sacredness to the festival.  After reaching Niūroniai, we watched the duel of valiants and tasted culinary heritage dishes.

We admired the horse performance in the river of Šventoji and refreshed our warm bodies. On the mound of Palatavis, we watched the coronation ceremony of Mindaugas and Martha and when the bishop said — Lithuania has the King! — uproar of joy rippled accompanied by the sounds of bagpipes.

The hike participants, we met  the International Ceramic Symposium participants among them, lively shared their experiences and pleasantly communicated at the royal feast table. The hikers in elated mood returned to Panevėžys.

Till the next nice meetings!


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