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Descriptions of educational trips

Individuals or organized groups may order the following educational (cultural) trips:

1. Centenarian Narrow Gauge Railway

You will experience the impressions of travelling on a narrow gauge railway train. During the trip we will learn about the engineering, landscape, urbanistic, architectural and historical values of the narrow gauge railway. Also, we will see one of the expositions: Rolling stock collection in Anykščiai, Narrow gauge railway history exposition in Troškūnai or Rolling stock collection in Panevėžys.

For groups of 60 persons


2. Legend of the Juostinas Lake

You will take a trip to one of the historical stations by the narrow gauge railway train, hear the legend of the Juostinas Lake, learn about the techniques and traditions of weaving traditional sashes and try your hand at this handicraft.

For groups of 60 persons


3.  Mystery of Troškūnai Monastery

The narrow gauge railway train will take us to the biggest Troškūnai station. We will walk 2,5 km to Troškūnai town, visit St. Trinity church and the architectural ensemble of Troškūnai monastery. Also, the monastery legends and history in the church vaults will be presented and we will learn about the sacralic art values. We will walk 2,5 km to Troškūnai railway station and the narrow gauge railway train will take us back to one of the stations. 
For groups of 60 persons
Regular train services Anykščiai – Troškūnai – Anykščiai suits to this educational trip. The train will depart from Anykščiai railway station every second Sunday. More information – Regular train services.

4. The Train of Legends
We will travel to one of the narrow gauge railway stations and will listen to the legends that once happened near the Lithuanian narrow gauge railway. We will enjoy tea.


For groups of 60 persons


5. Troškūnai Forest Path of Knowledge

The narrow gauge railway train will take us to Troškūnai station. We will walk (2,5 km) to Troškūnai forestry. During the walk through Troškūnai forest path of knowledge the forestry officer will present a biological variety of Lithuanian forests and the main forest tree species of our country: fir, asp, oak, birch, etc. After the presentation we will return to Troškūnai station and the train will take us back to one of the narrow gauge railway stations.


6. Our Country‘s Heritage

We will travel to one of the narrow gauge railway stations, where three cultural heritage objects or their groups will be presented: narrow gauge railway complex of cultural manuments and its history; architectural or natural protected objects located near the narrow gauge railway; immaterial cultural heritage – our country‘s folk music, folklore, national costume and etc.


7. The Winemaking History of B. Karazija 

We will go to one of the narrow gauge railway stations, where Balys Karazija biography, the history of the wineshop creation and specific of wine making will be presented. What is more, we will degustate black currant wine „Voruta“, which is established as Lithuanian national heritage, and chokeberry or apple wine. We will see the exposition of the old photographs of Balys Karazija and his wineshop.

8. Poles with a Roof in Latava Region

We will present the collection of Latavėnai manor royal portraits at one of the narrow gauge railway stations, where we will load the bicycles on the platforms and depart from the station towards Latava region. During the bicycle trip in Latava region we will present the mound of Palatavys, the poles with a roof built by Virginijus Strolia and their history: Bareišiai village – ST. JONAS NEPOMUKAS, Karčiai village – JĖZUS NAZARIETIS, Kiaušagalys village – PIETA, ATMINTIES VARTAI, Pienagalys village – MOTINĖLĖ and Latavėnai village – ST. FRANCIS.


9. Showplaces of Anykščiai Region

We will depart from Panevėžys railway station, where we will load the bicycles on the platforms, to Anykščiai railway station. During the bicycle trip we will visit these objects: Anykščiai railway station, A. Baranauskas square – the religious art center, Angel Museum, Piestupys, The Stone of Pavariai, J. Biliūnas Homeland, Horse Museum, A Light of Happiness, The Mound of Liūdiškiai, Kalita – summer toboggan and skiing route, Christ misery path station (author sculptor R. Idzelis) at the Churchyard of St. Apostle Metthew Church, The Memorial Museum of B. Buivydaitė, A. Baranauskas Granary, A. V. Žukauskas House – Museum, Brother of Puntukas, Puntukas, The Mound of Šeimyniškėliai.


10. Raguvėlė Byway

We will load the bicycles on the narrow gauge railway platforms and will depart from one of the railway stations to Bajoriškiai station. We will cycle to Raguvėlė manor. During the trip we will visit the ancient Raguvėlė manor – ensemble of cultural heritage buildings, its values and history will be presented.


11. Troškūnai – Surdegis: Signs of Culture and History


We will load the bicycles on the narrow gauge railway platforms. The train will take us to Troškūnai station, where we will see the exposition of the narrow gauge railway history. During the trip by bicycles we will visit XVII century St. Trinity church and its underground, Bernardine Monastery. Continuing the trip we will cycle to Vašuokėnai station, where we will hear the legends of Vašuokėnai station eglantine and Vašuokėnai manor place. Also we will visit Vidugiriai grange– the homeland of well – known poet Kazys Inčiūra, Memorial room, Antalinos manor, Surdegis Church. A magical water source in the cellar of the Church, its legends and the history of the Church and Monastery will be presented.

Train departs from Anykščiai Railway Station

For more information or to book a trip, please call +370 45 577 127, +370 610 36085 or write at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


If you come to Panevėžys, you can also visit:

Ceramics collection in Panevėžys Art Galery (3 Respublikos, Panevėžys, phone +370 45 584802)

Art glass studio Glasremis‘ (12 J. Biliūno, phone +370 45 430403)

Panevėžys puppet Wgon Theatre (20 Respublikos, Panevėžys, phone+370 45 460533, visiting times: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ticket price – 3 Lt.

Private museum of a collector Klementas Sakalauskas (7 Saulėtekio, Piniavos k., Panevėžio r. Phone +370 687 48167) Should be arranged in advance.

Hotel ‘Romantic’ in the former mill – the first mechanical mill in the Baltic States (24 Kranto, Panevėžys, phone +370 45 583983)

Flax museum (Stultiškių village. Panevėžio distr. Phone +370 615 43097) Museum is open every day from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.

Aurochs breeding (Petriškių village Panevėžio distr. Phone +37045 593339) Working hours: Tuesday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., on weekends 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Ticket price for children and students – 2 Lt, adults – 4 Lt, guide service – 10 Lt.

Bistrampolis Manor (Kučių village, Panevėžio distr. Phone +370 45 461371)

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