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Siaurukas sounded the rhythm of cultural capital

The last sunny and happy Saturday Aukštaitija narrow gauge railway celebrated the begining of a new season, proclaimed Anykščiai as the capital of culture, opened a new educational space, and train with 150 passengers sounded happy to Rubikiai.
From the early morning on a train ramp decorated with maple blossoms, played the trio of country band „Armonikieriai“, waved flags and signal bell sounded. Happy travellers filled  a small waiting-room, and a long queue was by the ticket-office. A thrill filled the air, as in the old days, when not everybody was lucky to get into the train...
A new educational space was opened among the crowd of invited guests — it was the flat of head of station, appointed according to interwar style. A stylish sofa, tough oak table, chairs, a buffet with mirror, an old clock, photographic reproductions, puffed curtains, artistic lighting, coiled electric wires, ceramic switches, green-tiled furnace. In this aesthetic flat educational programs will take place and everybody will be treated with tea. A special guests cheered us — it was exhead of station Jonas Bieliauskas` wife Genovaitė, the director of siaurukas Gintaras Kerbedis made a speech and the mayor of Anykščiai Sigutis Obelevičius gave to everybody smalls sacks with the seeds of cultural capital.
The theme of the festival was Anykščiai — the capital of culture. The occasion was to honor and regalia handed to the young ambassadors of Anykščiai — designers Kristina Kruopytė and Ieva Juodelytė, a teacher Mindaugas Nefas and a dancer, choreographer Mindaugas Nefas. After that, a five-carriaged train  sounded to the green hills by the banks of Anykšta river.
In Rubikiai, in reed covered shelter on a big boardwalk, the cultural ambassadors read the extracts of Antanas Vienuolis legend „Šventavartė“, and the interpretations that were written after this by Česlovas Kudaba. We ate the fish-soup, that was cooked from fish which were caught in Rubikiai lake, and tasted cooled white Balys Karazija wine with cheese and dried plumps. We screamed „Hurray“ and „Long live the little Highland train“.
Raimondas Guobis

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