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Amber train

   Lithuanian narrow gauge railway joined the global marketing project WORLD AMBER ROAD on the 26th of September, 2014. Last Saturday, on the 6th of December, Lithuanian narrow gauge railway launched a new charter-trip format "Amber Road." We travelled to Surdegis train station that was built in the 19th century. Here we again discovered amber story, reminded wonderful antique amber legends of our country, we learnt about the variety of guitar, inspected him. We tasted special "amber" dishes: pumpkin soup prepared with amber cheese, snacks, apple wine.

We believe this thematic trip by narrow gauge railway, this thematic is particularly the case when you want to present the values of the country for the guests. Various tourism projects across the country is being created, publicized and joined to the "Amber Road", which highlights mineral amber, expositions, amber industry and everything else that has connections with amber. Lithuania presents itself innovative in global tourism market with this exceptional tourist destination.

Trip participants have an immediate access to learn about the Baltic amber, its different kinds of colours and sizes. Lithuanian narrow gauge railway presents a unique collection of amber. The collection is stored in a chest made of black oak, which spent six thousand years in ocean‘s depth. And, of course, passengers are able to know more about the national significance of cultural heritage — narrow gauge railway, newly rebuilt Panevėžys station and Surdegis station, which is now under restoration. This is the way to expand motivation of travelling by narrow gauge railway.

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