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The volunteers of the narrow gauge railway in Lithuania are a group of people guided by their leader Ūdrius Armalis and students from different schools who take part at organized voluntary work. 
In 2009 Lithuanian narrow gauge railway and volunteer club agreed to cooperate in favor of the narrow gauge railway.
Content of the agreement:
1. Club organizes voluntary work to keep the territories of the narrow gauge railway clean and tidy.
2. Club collects historical material and allows Lithuanian narrow gauge railway to use it.
3. Club collects historical rolling stock of narrow gauge railway with an aim to supplement the collection possessed by Lithuanian narrow gauge railway.
Voluntary work
In 2006, volunteers palanted the first trees of a future park near Panevėžys Railway Station.

In  May 5 and 18, 2007, students and teachers from Panevėžys Juozas Balčikonis Gymnasium traveled to Raguvėlė Station. Here students picked and packed the rubish, planted 7 Fir trees; after work everyone was treatd to delicious soup.

In May 10, 2009, a group of some 70 volunteer pupils who participate in a summer programme In the Labyrinths of the Lithuanian History traveled on the Lithuanian narrow gauge railway – siaurukas to Surdegis Station. Here pupils, guided by their teacher Rasa, carried the fire-wood to the nearby pack-house. A part of the fire-wood will be used for heating the builing of the station during the winter season; others were the fuel of the steam engine which was brought in the autumn of 2009.

In July 5, 24 and 25 , 2009, volunteers guided by their leader Vismantas, uncovered a part of the 19th historical century cobble floor next to the pack-house in Surdegis Station. The pack-house with the cobble floor were used as a scene during the Jazz festival in July 31, 2009.

In September 16 and 30, 2009, students from Anykščiai  J. Biliūnas Gymnasium and Panevėžys Vytautas Mikalauskas art school joined the voluntary work, which was organized in order to clean the territory of the Vašuokėnų Manor. The students collected the branches lopped away in the park of the Manor, raked the grass and fallen leaves, cleaned the territory around the main building of the Manor, the linded alley towards the Manor, lake and an old pond. 

Volunteers of the narrow gauge railway, who started their activity at the beginning of the year, formalized their movement and registered a legal person Siaurojo geležinkelio klubas (Club of the narrow gauge railway) with a leader of the club Vismantas Užalinskas. The club shall continue its voluntary work on the narrow gauge railway, look for sponsors and in other ways try to support narrow gauge railway in Lithuania.

On 3, January, 2010, volunteers of the narrow gauge railway organized a new-year trip to Surdegis. Having come with their families, volunteers enjoyed meals brought from home and had a good time outside. Drive in the sleigh with a horse made everyone the best impressions.

On May 24, 2010, a group of students from the 5th Panevėžys Secondary School took a trip on Lithuanian narrow gauge railway to Vašuokėnai. Some 150 students cleaned the territory of the Manor park. 

On August 28, September 4 and 18, 2010, volunteers of the narrow gauge railway continued uncovering historical cobble path near the pack house at Surdegis Station. Passengers also found and uncovered new value near the pack house - a well preserved cobble road near the pack house.
On March 26, April 2, 9 and 16, 2011, volunteers of the narrow gauge railway were uncovering a historical cobble path at Raguvėlė railway station. The volunteers were removing the turf layer out, uncovering a stone cobble path.

On April 30, 2011, volunteers of Anykščiai with the captain Edvinas Žvirblis were uncovering a historical cobble path at Raguvėlė railway station. Photos were made by Udrius Armalius.


{ppgallery}2006 m. Savanorių talkaPirmieji medžiai busimame parkelyje greta siauruko perono. 2006 m.Savanoriai šalia Panevėžio geležinkelio stoties. 2006 m.Panevėžio geležinkelio stotyje. 2006 m.
 Panevėžio geležinkelio stotyje. 2006 m.Jaunieji siauruko savanoriai po talkos Surdegyje. 2009 m. gegužėTalka Surdegyje. 2009 m. gegužėPo darbų savanoriai vaišinasi "Mašinistų sriuba", paruošta ant laužo. 2009 m. gegužė


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